Living Room Project - Part 1

פורסם על ידי: Natalie ב יום שלישי, 21 בדצמבר 2010.

We moved here about  two years ago. I'm almost done with the kitchen and bedroom and even the bathroom (photos soon!) but our poor living room left untouched. Look at this hideous sofa, my vocabulary has not enough words to describe my feelings for it, but money is an issue and if we start with the sofa… we must continue the whole job.

Finally, she came. After days of searching different stores on our free Fridays we found the best sofa we could afford and I'm happy with the shape and color. But placing a nice sofa in a messy living room is just the beginning.

Living room project, To-Do list:
·         find a sofa
·         Paint the walls – light grey
·         Find a coffee table
·         Do something about photos and frames – I’ll come up with something.
·         T.V section – don’t know yet..must think!

 So, until the next part of this episode I can say:

To be continued…

4 תגובות ל Living Room Project - Part 1

  1. Omer

    I love your blog, Natalie. It's so... to the point. It's also soothing & relaxing like doing meditation :-). Very nice! Keep up the good work!

  2. Natalie R.

    Thank you so much! it's my meditation to do it, and i'm happy you like it. (:

  3. hadar

    Enjoy your new sofa!! I totally love it,looks so convenient, also the color is stunning!!4 more to go dear:))xx

  4. Natalie R.

    I forgot about the lightning..lamps.. ect.. (:

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