Tin boxes

פורסם על ידי: Natalie ב יום שבת, 8 בינואר 2011. תחת:

If there is anything in the world I would buy, totally ignoring the use, it would probably be – Tin boxes. You can put the most useless stuff in these lovely colorful boxes and I know I couldn’t resist. It’s not for the cookies, the tea, candies or kits.. It’s for their gorgeous look.

Those kits were created by Wu&Wu: Asian Kitschology experts, it's called  the Dumpling Dynasty brand:

Sanna Annukka is a very talented illustrator, her work is full with the love for nature and folklore. 

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  1. Eva

    So true! I got a tin of cookies for Christmas (you may have seen it on my blog, ha!) and I was excited mostly for the tin! It's one of the best gifts, in my opinion, because it's not just food that you have and then is gone forever, but you can keep a part of it forever and it sure makes everything look much prettier.

  2. Natalie R.

    I've seen it in a bazzar, and i got confused by all the colors and didn't buy any of them, but i think a sewing kit can't heart me (:

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