A wish list for the winter

פורסם על ידי: Natalie ב יום שלישי, 7 בדצמבר 2010. תחת:

As the winter finally arrives here, and it’s a bit cold and just a bit rainy, I can definitely say I like the fashion trends now. I'm far from being a fashion victim, but how can I resist so much of that vintage and retro style everywhere? Well, sometimes it looks the same, every designer takes something from another and it misses the whole idea..but then you see something that is unique and you can’t ignore it! I visited Ninainvorm’s blog, and she shared a link and some amazing photos of the Bonnie&buttermilk – a Berlin based on-line shop. I must have one of these funky skirts.

And while I'm web shopping, how can I forget man’s best friend? My little dog Emily was two month old when we took her from her mother, it was winter and she was tiny. The veterinarian said I should take a sock and cut two holes for the hands so she could wear it when we go out.  I did it, and I think it was very cute.

BLACK BARON kingdom apparel is eco-friendly animal clothing made from used and retro garments – here is a nice collage I’ve made from the photos they upload to their Facebook page:


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  1. jada and jon

    omg that puppy is amazing.

    thanks for your comment!



  2. Natalie R.

    Thank you!

  3. cb

    just checked out their website and oh my! i love everything!!! so bright and fun and love their skirts and peter pan collared shirts!


  4. Natalie R.

    True. I can go crazy for these colorful skirts and shirts (:

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